Jessie Parker came to us as an 18 year old from Kentucky. She had fantasies of being a slave. She knew the only place to learn how to be the best BDSM submissive and make her fantasies come true was to come to our farm. Little Jessie Parker stands a mere five feet tall and weighs only 99 pounds soaking wet. This pint-sized pussy is ready to play, and to explore the frontiers of professional level fucking and sucking, wherever it takes her.

Jessie has tried to hide her sinful ways by using aliases such as Madison Leigh and Mattie Borders, but a rose by any other name is still a sexually broken submissive… and we can prove it. A southern belle with a taste for black meat, Jessie’s blue eyes bulge wide when the big black cock hits the back of her throat, making her drink her favorite juice — sticky, salty cock slobber — slurping it down without spilling a drop — or else!

Shackled and shamed, Jessie’s dirty blonde hair caresses her all natural pert 34B’s, but the only other caress she will feel at Insex On Demand is that of the lash and of the restraints that bind this depraved teen.

A volunteer from the get-go, Jessie Parker is a curious kitten that is in a hurry to become a real woman. She begs to be brutalized in her twisted path to wisdom — a road that will teach her many lessons — such as how to suffer in silence, how to scream in ecstasy, and how to use her mouth to drain the juices from black cocks and cunts.

In Shades of Black on Hardtied, Jessie portrays a young girl, much like herself, who has come to farm for slave training. There she is held down, examined and used by Cyd Black and Jack Hammer. They need to make sure she is fit for use. In one scene, Cyd pulls her hair, and Jessie cries out. "You're hurting me!! Don't pull out my hair" She says. But Cyd knows it is just her vanity causing her concern, not any true pain. So he suspends her by her strawberry blonde hair. And she loves it.

This type of behavior earns her tight round ass a good spanking from time to time, but it does not stop: Jessie simply cannot control her carnal cravings — and why should she control herself, when the reward for her whorish ways is one mind numbing, soul shaking orgasm after another. Cuffed, gagged, bound and inverted, it is all in a day’s work for Jessie Parker.